Technology continues to evolve, and today’s modern tablet based security and smart home systems can provide a wealth of protection, information, and convenience.

Encrypted Security

Today’s wireless security devices are small, discreet, and easy installed in your existing home without distracting from your décor. With powerful encryption and advanced battery life these smart devices can protect your home against a variety of threats. Choose from door sensors, window sensors, motion detection, glass break detectors, and more.

Life safety

Protecting your home from fire, carbon monoxide, floods, and extreme temperatures has never been easier. With our full line of advanced detectors we can protect your home against unforeseen accidents and some insurance companies will even offer a discount for these services.


Eliminate the need for keys with code based smart locks you can control from your mobile app. Control your lights, thermostats, garage door and more all from a single app, and create custom automations to ensure you never forget to arm your system when you leave.

Cameras & Video Doorbells

Never miss a delivery with our video doorbell, and protect your packages against porch theft with real time alerts right to your mobile device. Outdoor cameras make it easy to see what’s happening around your home. View live feeds from your security panel or mobile device

Not Sure What to Get? Relax, We’ve Got You!

Our trained technology experts can assess your situation and provide you with a no-obligation quote for exactly what you need at a price you can afford.